11 January 2010

First Day 2010

The Entrance Men's Shed started a whole new decade today. After a long morning tea and lots of Holiday Season yarns the Shedders were back hard at work in the shed. There were many new projects commenced, planned or resurrected from the remains of last years efforts.

Chris & Chris mounting a 3D jigsaw puzzle

Certainly there is much to look forward to at The Shed for 2010, with new equipment, a new team in the committee and two new members for the year already.

Lester & Howard working as a team.

President Bob was sent off to cook his home grown tomatoes ready for the Welcome Back BBQ lunch. These combined with the sausages courtesy of Coles, The Entrance and onions chopped by Jo made a welcoming feast for the first day back at The Shed for 2010.

Bob cooking tomatoes and onions.

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