16 September 2007

2007 Mens Shed Conference - Manly visit

Kevin Armstrong, Chairperson of the Steering Committee for The Entrance Men's Shed discussing the development and layout of the Manly Mens Shed.

This visit took place during the 2007 Men's Shed Conference held at the Manly Pacific and in conjunction with the the International Hotel School of Management.

13 September 2007

Mens Shed 2007 visit to Manly Shed

Geoff Dunn and John Sharples of The Entrance Mens Shed (TEMS) perusing the equipment layout and projects at the Northern Beaches Community Men's Shed during the Mens Shed 2007 Annual Conference at Manly.

Kevin Armstrong (TEMS Chairman) reviewing the layout and operation of the shed [below right] in Berkley Street Manly.

This Shed is one of the UnitingCare ageing sheds on the Sydney North Shore.

Mens Shed 2007 Conference

The 2nd National Mens Shed Conference held over three days at Manly. The conference was attended by three sheds on the Central Coast.

Wally Morrison and Peter Jessop kept an eager eye out on important lectures and relevant workshops on behalf of the Kincumber Men's Shed.

John Sharples, Ke
vin Armstrong and Geoff Dunn of the "shedless", The Entrance Mens Shed (TEMS), took in all that they could about establishing a shed.

Kim Hopkins involved in both these ventures also covered events that were relevant to the emerging shed at San Remo.

Anthony Brown of the Men's Health Information Resource Centre (MHIRC) at UWS, walking the corridors of the Mens Shed 2007 conference.