30 January 2010

Alan's Home Services came by an air-hose reel that was surplus to requirments. Alan decided that the best place for a valuable item of equipment is at The Entrance Men's Shed.

Having donated it over Christmas it was today installed by Rob E and now ready for use in the shed.

To contact
Alan's Home Services
call 0404 132 600

no job too big, no job too small


resourceful board

Chris was so impressed with the chopping boards being put together in the shed. He decided to take some wood that he "sourced" from the side of the road and begin a project.

After getting the edges trimmed and the surfaces regular, he glued the lot and clamped them together. Hes then sanded the whole surface, routed a fancy edge and finished the chopping board.

Chirs has now taken the advice of the chaps in the shed and oiled the board to make it an artistic addition to his kitchen.

If you have something to make

or some object that you might like to recycle,

come on down the shed where we have the tools

and knowledge to help you along with your project.

23 January 2010

school boomerangs

Terry working on finishing the first batch of 50 Boomerangs. Thats 50 of 500 so there plenty more to make.
A local school has ordered these for NAIDOC week so that students can paint indigenous themes and win a prize in the class, form or school .
Plenty to keep us busy on this job!!

beau lathe

Beau Graham, no longer able to use his much loved wood lathe has donated it to The Entrance Men's Shed.
Not only did the late come in good condtion, it came with tools and turning blanks that were much needed additions to the shed armoury.
Beau will always be welcome at The Shed for a cuppa and a chat !!
Much thanks to Beau and all those in the community that make such generous donations to The Entrance Men's Shed.

15 January 2010

In the news

Central Coast Express Advocate
page 3

12 January 2010

Pluims boards

Pluims Interiors donated a "stack" of board via Dave Bett's "Lets Nail Depression" fundraising initiative. Dave arranged for his son Peter to deliver some of this physically large donation, using the "Open Shutters" truck.

Peter Betts and the unloading team hard at work.

Dead on time, the truck turned up to the loading dock at Bateau Bay Men's Shed and the shedders commenced unloading.

Some of this board was also collected by The Entrance Men's Shed team, who had hired a car trailer for the morning to accommodate the larger 3 meter sheets.

Unloading at The Entrance Men's Shed

The Entrance team also took the opportunity to travel out to Pluims and collect additional material and deliver it back to the shed. Just as well we had six strong chaps to move the larger sheets.

There is plenty of additional material for sheds on the C
entral Coast and Dave will deliver
some of the boards to The Hastings Men's Shed in Port Macquarie.

Yes!! that is Kim doing manual labour for a change.

Many thanks to Pluims Interiors from all the Central Coast Mens Sheds.

11 January 2010

TEMS committee 2010

Here are your committee hard at work for the first meeting of 2010.

From the right round the table. Peter W, Pelican Pete, Geoff D, Bob Ihlein, Rob E and Allan K. Apology from Michael

First Day 2010

The Entrance Men's Shed started a whole new decade today. After a long morning tea and lots of Holiday Season yarns the Shedders were back hard at work in the shed. There were many new projects commenced, planned or resurrected from the remains of last years efforts.

Chris & Chris mounting a 3D jigsaw puzzle

Certainly there is much to look forward to at The Shed for 2010, with new equipment, a new team in the committee and two new members for the year already.

Lester & Howard working as a team.

President Bob was sent off to cook his home grown tomatoes ready for the Welcome Back BBQ lunch. These combined with the sausages courtesy of Coles, The Entrance and onions chopped by Jo made a welcoming feast for the first day back at The Shed for 2010.

Bob cooking tomatoes and onions.

04 January 2010

Mayoral donation

Before The Entrance Men's Shed starts back for 2010 there are donations already appearing in the shed.

Even the Mayor Bob Graham gets a seasonal break. He was cleaning up over the Christmas and New Year break and decided to pass on his father's toolbox to the The Entrance Men's Shed. These items always hold a sentimental value but they are still useable tools in a workshop, so Bob dropped by to hand these family heirlooms over to the shed.

Thanks Bob we will put them to good use!!

We have also received over the break, a wall mounted air hose reel to use with the compressor, various paints and some laminated board excellent for making chopping boards for the kitchen. Thanks Alan's Home Services!!
To contact
Alan's Home Services
call 0404 132 600

Looking forward to getting started for 2010 with a BBQ and committee meeting on Monday 11 January 2010.

01 January 2010

Central Coast Mens Sheds

Kincumber Men's Shed
Peter Jessop - 0412 223 363

San Remo Community Men's Shed
San Remo Neighbourhood Centre - 4390 7888

The Entrance Men's Shed
Kim Hopkins - 4309 0093

Terrigal Men's Shed
Bob Watson - 4381 1995

Peninsula Men's Shed
Peter Lemay - 4343 1237

Gosford Men's Shed
John Welland - 0466 266 083

Bateau Bay Men's Shed
John Sharples - 0423 147 236
If all else fails contact
Central Coast Men's Sheds Cluster Coordinator
Kim Hopkins 0414 855 943

Auxiliary thanks

Bob has received a thank you letter from Beryl Evans, President of the RSL Womens Auxiliary for the "finial" that he turned up for their flagpole.

Bob worked hard on making a matching finial for The Entrance RSL sub-Branchs flagpoles. Now he has a local reputation for his skills.