25 May 2009

Kitchen sink

The Entrance Men's Shed comes with everything already fitted, like the kitchen sink.

There are already cups and spoons, coffee and tea, sugar and milk and even the odd biscuit or two.

This is an vital part of the shed ethos ... enjoying a cuppa and chatting about the shed or life in general. A chance to have a chat with other blokes about projects and designs, or lifes joys and tribulations.

The shed aims to foster friendships and coooperation among the chaps who attend, a vital role in reducing social isolation on the Central Coast.

More stuff arrives

The Shed has some new gear today as the committee members start bringing equipment to the shed.

With a table and chair the shed is a bit more welcoming for a quiet cuppa and chat as we chart the new course for the shed.

Theres a substantial Band Saw in the background which is our first major piece of woodworking equpiment for The Entrance Men's Shed.

That toolbox on the floor holds a few hand tools and more are arriving each day the shed is open.

18 May 2009

Tommy at the shed

Tommy T dropped by today to have a look over the shed and show the new facility to his wife.

Members of the committee and interested visitors have been dropping by to see the progress on equipping the shed and bringing contributions of tools and materials.


The outlook from the front door and windows into the landscaped environs of The Entrance Community Centre is quite picturesque.

Looking out at recently turfed lawn, sculptured gardens and pathways is quite calming ... well at least until the saws and tools get a buzzing...

where are we

Building F is The Entrance Men's Shed in The Entrance Community Centre. When the Shed is open on monday and friday the carpark is open to allow access.

Come on down and have a look at the shed ....

15 May 2009

day one

Day one and the facility look fantastic in its landscaped setting. Alarms worked well and there were even a few people wandering by.

Andrew from WSC dropped by to run through the entry and departure check sheets.

There plenty to do to set the shed up .. .anyone have a sturdy bench .. some outdoor funiture ... a jug or urn.

There is plenty of equipment coming and amenities for members and volunteers. But for the time being it's a bit spartan.

The crew from Glengara are bringing some tools on Monday 25th May.

If you are coming to the shed bring a chair !!

14 May 2009

Mingara visitors

Dave Betts and John Millard from Mingara were at the shed early this morning to check out the newly opened facility and meet members of the committee.

This being the first opportunity for the new keyholders to open the shed and work the alarms, all went smoothly.

Beautiful morning for a visit to the shed.

Dave Betts, Col Kennedy, John Robert and John Millard under the awning for an early morning chat.