30 November 2009


Cr Bob Graham, Mayor of Wyong Shire unveils the plaque commemmorating the Official Opening of The Entrance Men's Shed.

Many thanks to -

  • Bob Ihlein for preparing the plinth for the plaque.
  • Chris for mounting it to the shed wall.
  • Peter Whitehead for constructing the veil curtain.
  • ATB Trophies for timely delivery of the plaque.
a team effort guys!!

Plaque by ATB Trophies
95 A Bateau Bay Road
Bateau Bay 2261
ph 4334 4216

27 November 2009

Official Opening album

An album of photos from The Entrance Men's Shed official opening is available from Peter Trebeck.

Here Mort Shearer, President of the Australian Men's Shed Association (AMSA) addressed the gathering at The Entrance Men's Shed both in his capacity of President of the Hastings Mens Shed and the President of AMSA.

Wyong Shire Council Mayor Bob Graham talks with The Entrance Men's Shed president Kevin Armstrong ..

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The Entrance Men's Shed
wishes to thank
its many sponsors

Preparing The Shed

The Shed was a buzz of activity this morning, preparing for the Official Opening of The Entrance Men's Shed.

Rob set about cleaning the windows while members assembled sandwiches on the large bench. A task made easier by the hard work that Jo had put in the day before shopping and preparing the components for the light lunch of sandwiches, fruit platters and cakes. Thanks for the support Jo.!!

Opening Displays

The displays added colour and interest to the Official Opening day. Dave Betts kayak is an eyecatching item that draws peoples attention the issue of "Nailing Depression".

Similarly, the "Mobile Men's Shed" catches the eye to promote the many Men's Sheds and their role in facilitating a meeting place for men to share company, stories, mutual support and often a laugh that keeps us smiling.

Shed History

A History of The Entrance Men's Shed

speech presented by President Kevin Armstrong at the Official Opening of The Entrance Mens Shed

The idea of a Men’s Shed at The Entrance was probably first formally expressed at a public meeting called by WSC at the primary school across the road. Boyd McMillan chaired that meeting, the aim of which was to gain community ideas for a possible Community Centre on the site of the former Infants School – where we are today.

Several other influences pre-dated that meeting –

Apex Geoff Dunn, Allan Kember, the late Lynn Sawyer and myself had been members of the Apex Club of The Entrance for many years. During one of our ‘working bees’, we had in fact built Koppers log playground equipment in this playground. Mateship and concern for our community underpinned that Committee and continues to this day.

Community At one stage, the State government planned to sell this site for medium density housing. This caused strong community outrage, led by WATCH (Wyong Action to Curb Highrise) and the Community Environment Network - CEN. Members of WATCH here today include Tom and Elizabeth Lyons, Helene and Keith Ford and Jim Price – we are grateful that their actions some years ago helped keep this site available for community purposes.

The Community Centre we enjoy today is s tribute to the community activism of WATCH and CEN – the former opposing high rise in The Entrance, the latter wishing to preserve the rainforest area on the lower section of this site.

The outcome from many protests, letters and negotiations over several years was that Wyong Shire Council negotiated acquisition of the top 1/3 of this site as a Community Centre, the State government retained the middle 1/3 to be sold for 3 storey housing and the bottom 1/3 of this site remains as rainforest and part of the Steeping Stones wildlife corridor connecting South Wyrrabalong National Park (Forresters Beach) to North Wyrrabalong National Park at North Entrance.

All those mentioned … Apex, WATCH, CEN and WSC can be justly proud of what has been created on this site. A special thanks to former councillor Robyn Stewart.

Steering Committee

In February 2007, a Steering Committee was formed – former Apexians Geoff Dunn, Allan Kember, the late Lynn Sawyer and myself were joined by Colin Kennedy and John Sharples, also by Bruce Evans and David Casey .. then, somewhat later, by Kim Hopkins, our current Shed Co-Ordinator.

We researched existing sheds .. online and by site visits, gathering knowledge of what worked and what didn’t. We talked with Ruth van Herk from Uniting Care Ageing – sponsors at that stage of about 15 sheds.

We worked out likely tasks – woodworking, metalwork – and what equipment we might buy – prioritised into 3 lists, depending on availability of money … we prepared an operational budget and we drew plans and layouts … all in anticipation.

Key milestones

  • Incorporation 22 June 2007
  • opened bank account ANZ
  • Volunteer Small Equipment Grant 23 August 2007
  • CDSE grant – diggers@theentrance
  • WSC community improvement grant
  • In November 2007, 4 of us attended the 2nd Australian Men’s Shed conference at Manly.
  • AAS grant $ 99,270 over 3 years 29 August 08
  • moved into Shed 14 May 09

Council engaged architects to develop plans for Stage 2 of the Community Centre. We negotiated around the size of the proposed building and various additions … soundproofing so we didn’t become noisy nuisances to proposed adjoining housing, a toilet (older blokes don’t run very fast), an awning, a barbecue and a mezzanine floor. Council were good sports … and we won most of what we wanted – except the mezzanine floor.


Today we have a Men’s Shed … often thought of as the building, or the equipment or what is made or repaired …. but that’s really the 1/3 of the iceberg that shows …

a Men’s Shed is really about the hidden 2/3 of the iceberg … the MEN … blokes doing things together … whether that’s making or repairing something for themselves … or the community

a Men’s Shed is about mates .. sharing a cuppa …

or maybe a joke

… blokes doing blokes stuff if u like to put it that way …

Men’s Sheds have positive health benefits for individuals … alleviating loneliness and isolation and reducing depression …

Men’s Sheds also have social benefits … enhancing self esteem and creating cohesive communities.

In closing, I again thank members of the Steering Committee for their interest, support and commitment over what was an extended period whilst the Shed was being built.

It is also appropriate that I ask thank Mayor Graham to thank Wyong Shire Council for its strong support of The Entrance Men’s Shed .. both in constructing this purpose-built facility and allowing its use on very generous terms. We look forward to that support continuing into the future ….

Kevin Armstrong

23 November 2009

machine frenzy

The last operational Shed day before the Official Opening next friday and it was all hands on deck to ensure that the new machines are assembled.

Bob was assembed the new planer Peter was hampered by a fractured arm and Allan was tidying up the Triton table.

Howard and Rob were hard at it, assembling the thicknesser.

Chris, Kevin & Allan were sorting out the components for each machine, fortunately not too many of the inevitable pieces left over .....

12 November 2009

Opening the Shed


takes great pleasure in inviting
you to celebrate the




When: 27th November

Where: The Entrance Men’s Shed
Corner of Oakland Avenue & Battley Avenue, The Entrance
(in the grounds of The Entrance Community Centre)

Time: 12 noon

Official Opening 12.30 pm : Mr Bob Graham – Mayor of Wyong

Men’s Sheds are fast being recognised as vital, viable places to provide relaxed, happy creative spaces for men to meet. The project has been developed to promote the health and well being of men in the community and provide a place for men to meet each other, to network and to make friends. Communities are keen to provide activity, identity and meaning for mature
aged men.

Please RSVP by 20th November to Kim Hopkins
temensshed@yahoo.com.au or by phone 0414 855 943

Please inform if you have any disability or dietary requirements.

Sponsors: include

Wyong Shire Council
Mingara Recreation Club
Dave Betts - Nailing Depression
Wyong Shire CDSE Committee

The Entrance Men’s Shed project was funded through the
NSW Government Area Assistance Scheme.

08 November 2009

Betts at The Entrance

The Shedders from all over the Central Coast were at the pelican feeding area at The Entrance to welcome Dave Betts at the end of his long paddle down from Port Macquarie.

Dave and his Kayak team with some of the welcoming crowd.

The Entrance Mens Shed were there in force to give Dave a cheer and a clap when he arrived.

Bateau Bay and Gosford shedders were also supporting Dave who has been generous to the sheds on the Central Coast in his endeavours to fight depression.

Dave Betts speaking with TEMS shedders.