29 September 2008

TEMS in profile

The site for The Entrance Men's Shed is directly in front of the building the centre frame.

This photo was taken looking south across the parking area for The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre. Profiles are in place to ensure the building is built in the right place and square in alignment.

09 September 2008

Where is The Entrance Mens Shed ?

The Entrance Men's Shed is located on the western side of The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre precinct.

The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre is located on the site of the original The Entrance Public School.

The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre precinct is on Oaklands Road (renamed the Central Coast Highway) between Norbert and Battley streets.

07 September 2008

TEMS Steering Committee

The Entrance Men's Shed Inc is an incorporated Not For Profit organisation.

The aim of The Entrance Men's Shed Inc is to secure premises and funding to allow a Men's Shed to operate in The Entrance area.

The Entrance Men's Shed Inc has an established Steering Committee drawn from concerned community members and volunteers that care passionately about the success of the the shed.

Steering Committee

Kevin Armstrong - Chairperson
Geoff Dunn - Treasurer
Kim Hopkins - Secretary
John Sharples - Committee Member
Colin Kennedy - Committee Member