12 December 2013

Community Centre Christmas Party held 13-12-13 at The Entrance Community Centre.

Shed members and Santa 11/12/13

Games table made by Dave Kay from our shed.

Two members from The Entrance Men's Shed Inc are installing rubbish bin hoppers for The Entrance Town Centre Management for Memorial Park and the Boardwalk along side  The Entrance Channel.
The hoppers were constructed at The Entrance Men's Shed Inc a total of seven have been made only two more to install. Bruce Tubnor and Rob Eschbank are the one's who have taken on this task.

03 December 2013

Some of the members of The Entrance Men's Shed and their Partners spent the day 29th November travelling to Sydney by Train then a two hour cruise on the Captain Cook SYDNEY 2000 on Sydney Harbour.
Was a very enjoyable day with excellent service from Sydney Transport getting Michael on and off the Trains as well as the service on board the SYDNEY 2000. The weather was a bit bleak but that didn't make any difference to a great day.

12 November 2013

Detash Market Day at The Entrance Community Centre 26th October 2013.
Members of The Entrance Men's Shed provided a sausage sizzle and also held a small garage  sale.

 The Entrance Men's Shed also helped out on the 26th October 2013 with the construction of the Coffin attached to the bike for Chrome Fest at Memorial Park.

15 October 2013

Scott Levi from 92.5 ABC Central Coast conducted an outside broadcast at The Entrance Men's Shed 11am Monday the 14th October 2013. Scott interviewed a number of the Members of the Shed plus John and Roy from the Central Coast outreach centre.

01 October 2013

Happy 70th Birthday Geoff Dunn 2nd October 2013 from the members of The Entrance Men's Shed inc.

Geoff arrived at the shed this morning and was greeted by  Shannon Maclean  from MAJARRA mobile massage, being Geoff's birthday we let him have first massage.

Shannon is volunteering her services to The Entrance Men's Shed one morning per month to give us a neck and shoulders massage. We appreciate this very much.

Also thank you to Doreen, Michael W's wife, for making the cake.

08 September 2013

The Entrance Men's Shed at Henry Kendall High School 21st August 2013.

03 September 2013

Members of The Entrance Men's Shed have been busy with Bunning's Tuggerah.
Firstly helping out at the last minute to cook sausage sizzles on Thursday night 29th August for the Bunning's Father's Day promotion. feeding a lot of Children and parents.
We thank Bunning's for the gift card they gave us and enjoyed the night.
We then backed up again on the Friday 30th August for our monthly Bunning's sausage sizzle. These Friday Sausage Sizzles are a great help to the Shed and allow us to operate without relying on government grants.