30 October 2009

samaritans projects

Heres a gallery of artworks put together the guys from the Samaritans group that attends The Entrance Men's Shed on fridays. They are drying out by the fence in front of The Shed

These guys assemble wine racks, prepare place mats with photos and pictures and the application of stains and finishes.

Peter, Allan, Billy, Fred & Trent all assure me that they thoroughly enjoy coming to The Shed!!

19 October 2009

Let's Nail Depression

A Kayak Journey from Port Macquarie to The Entrance raising funds for the Men's Shed.

In October this year, Dave Betts is undertaking a kayak paddle from Port Macquarie to The Entrance in his kayak aptly called ‘The Hammer’, to raise money for the tremendous Men’s Shed concepts in Port Macquarie and at The Entrance. A journey of over 300km, Dave is aiming to raise in excess of $50,000 for the Shed’s at The Entrance and Port Macquarie.

Depression is often silent, it impairs the way a person would normally function, including being able to communicate their feelings openly. Depression stops people from doing the things they normally would. The longer it lasts, the deeper into depression they go and the more silent and lonely their world becomes.....

This is why, quite often, the way out of depression is in doing anything that gives you a sense of purpose. Mingara’s Construction Manager, Dave Betts, understands entirely because he’s been there. While it’s an ongoing, perhaps, never ending process, Dave is now finding ways to help others battling the silence and through his own journey, Dave has found a love of kayaking, with exercise a key in helping people manage anxiety, depression and mental health in general.

To sponsor or donate, please call:
Dave Betts - 0404 820 676