19 December 2008

TEMS inside & out

The Entrance Men's Shed takes shape ...

This pic certainly captures the current state of building. The Tri-Steel team have now clad the the shed and the internal space can clearly be seen at this stage.

TEMS Battley Ave views

A couple of views from Battley Avenue looking south into the site.

The Shed now has a strong presence among the existing buildings. The newer materials and darker colours give it a unique visual impact among the older building even with their newly renovated exteriors and brighter colours.

TEMS Northerly Aspect

The view from the northern driveway into The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre carpark. The shed is set clearly defined now that it has been clad and taken a definite shape in its environment.

18 December 2008

Looking west to TEMS

With the The Entrance Men's Shed now clad, it forms a stronger western perimeter around the plaza of The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre (TENC) Precinct.

This is the view looking out from the verandah of the existing buildings along the eastern perimeter of the TENC.

Norberta View

The Entrance Men's Shed as viewed from Norberta Avenue. With the cladding now on the shed it clearly defines the space that it encloses now.

Clad from Central Coast Highway

The Entrance Men's Shed as seen from Central Coast Highway between the existing buildings. The deck on the exhibition space and cafe will provide a great vantage point to view the shed against the backdrop of tress and the lake.

17 December 2008

Roof beams in place

The Entrance Men's Shed is clearly visible from Oakland's Road (now renamed Central Coast Highway). Thats as clear as can be seen the temporary fencing that restricts access to the building site and landscaping work.

As can be seen in this first photo, the steel has been erected for the roof of the shed and so defines the visible shape and height of the structure.

The photo from the rear of the site clearly shows the foundation and structure. The men from Tri-Steel were hard at work erecting the shed for us when this shot was taken.

12 December 2008


Just to prove that your friendly neighbourhood blogger is not camera shy, here I am at the construction site late in the afternoon when the gates are all shut and the equipment quiet.

Its the best time to set up some shots around the site. Even without site access, views of the construction help to capture the story of The Entrance Men's Shed.

Construction views

The Entrance Men's Shed as viewed from Oakland Road (Central Coast Highway). Support beams all in place looking for a roof now.

It looks good set against the backdrop of trees.

In the foreground the deck of the Art Gallery/Coffee shop is taking shape. Still a lot of equipment on site as the landscaping continues.

11 December 2008

TEMS Phoenix

These shots give the appearance that The Entrance Men's Shed is rising from the chaos of steel removed from the fencing around the original "The Entrance Primary School". This has been converted to "The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre" and will soon include "The Entrance Men's Shed" as part of this newly renovated facilities as part of the project from Wyong Shire Council.

As these photos show the team from Tri-Steel are hard at work moving the structure forward now that the slab has cured enough for constrution.

04 December 2008

Storage Door

The access door at the rear of the building will provide access to some much needed underfloor storage for the shed.

TEMS access

The photos is looking north across the forecourt of The Entrance Men's Shed and the car parking and vehicle access to "The Shed". Lots of work still going on preparing the parking area and access, while the shed is being erected.

shed components on site

The steel shed components have been delivered to the site and are awaiting the pouring and curing of the concrete slab, before erection begins.

Ready to pour

The site has been prepared for the concrete pour of a suspended slab.