29 September 2010

morning meetings

Peter and Ian enjoying a quiet coffee after the mornings discussions at Wyong Shire Council.
The early morning meeting was an opportunity for The Entrance Men's Shed to highlight the benefits of the new extensions.

27 September 2010

Bunnings BBQ

The crew from The Entrance Men's Shed were out early this morning setting up for the fundraiser BBQ at Bunnings.
All prepared to make 400 sausage sandwiches Rob was first in to lead the team. Rob has been working for some time to ensure that we had ice and eskies, meat and bread, butter and sauce and all the many other items suggested in the comprehensive instructions from Bunnings.

Many thanks to Rob for his effort leading this project.

Peter did an excellent job ensuring that our finances were in place in preparation for the day, money was handled effectively on the day and an accurate tally was ready at the end of the the day celebrate the fundraising efforts of the team.
Many thanks to all those that cooked and cleaned, handed out drinks, kept the meat cold and the cooked food hot. We had many reports after the day about the professional way the team served customers and the quality of the sausage sandwiches provided.

Elise from Bunnings was on hand early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Her support was important to making the day a success.

Many thanks to Bunnings Tuggerah for this opportunity. The comprehensive instructions, reassurance in the planning and professional support on the day were invaluable to The Entrance Men's Shed for this important fundraising activity.

Even Teddy was there on the day to supervise the operation.

25 September 2010

sketchup view

One of the sketchup views prepared for The Entrance Men's Shed Extensions. This forms part of the proposal to be presented to Wyong Shire Council.
The preferred option incorporates many of the functional requirements for the operation of the shed and Addressing a number of important issues for The Shed.

13 September 2010

generous donation

A generous new donation of tools today included a car load of bench top carpentry equipment.

The Shed are very happy to receive generous donations of equipment from local residents. Many reasons prompt community members to donate to the shed. Most involve considerable commitment from those donating and their special requirments are accommodated where possible. Some equipment wil
l be usd in the local shed. Some will be passed to other sheds in need of new equipment as they set up operation.

Other tools duplicated or in excess of the requirements of the shed can be sold to raise much needed funds for the ongoing operation of the shed.

A craft table also moved into the forecourt of The Entrance Men's Shed. This has proved to be a very versatile addition to the sheds working benchtop area.

While the cars were unloaded Roger and Peter set about cooking up the monthly BBQ for the hungry moving team..... where is Lester ?

06 September 2010

James Constructions

James has two constructions going on at the same time.

The bird shelter, mounted on a post and firmly clamped to the bench, is being painted by Brian.

At the same time, Jim continued on with the 100
th scale model of The Entrance Men's Shed.

He ws carefully adding in the front awning today with glue and clamps.