25 November 2010

Xmas Holidays

The Entrance Men's Shed will be closing over the Christmas New Year period. The Shed will close at 3:00pm on Monday 20 December 2010 and will re-open on Monday 10 January 2011.

We take this opportunity to wish all our readers the compliments of the season and a safe and happy holiday.

08 November 2010

Open Day

The Entrance Men's Shed
Open Day
10 am - 2pm
13 November 2010
Items crafted from timber for sale on the day.
Come and see The Shed ...

.....enjoy a hot sausage sandwich

enjoy the Baby Expo events

in the grounds of

The Entrance Community Centre
15 Battley Avenue
The Entrance

04 November 2010

preparing for open day

All the team a the shed were getting items ready for the Baby Expo.

Ducks and horse, benches and ducks all sorts of creative items are springing out of the wood in the shop.

Ian is putting the wheels on the duck projects for sale.

Greg and Ray are doing some final painting on the horses.

Terry is finishing off his pink palm ring holders.

29 October 2010

White Horse Brigade

Ray was busy painting all those rocking horses that he has been busy building the last few weeks.

He was not the only one today painting the horses. Seemed like every second bloke in the shed has a paint brush in hand today.

Well done guys they are looking good for the Open Day sale on 13 November.

Allan's rack

Allan was hard at work today glueing his wine rack. Its been a few weeks since Allan has been able to work on this project. After rescuing it from the Project Shelves he and Wayne worked to glue this structure. Next week he is planning to stain this and comlete it in time for Christmas.

going green

Anthony and Wayne were having some fun finishing off the "bird feeder" for Paul.

Green looks good for blending in with the environment. Hope the birds can find the seeds ...!!

Elf fences

Roy spent the day putting together these "elf fences" ...oops... garden borders for sale at the The Entrance Men's Shed Open Day on 13 November.
Once he was into the swing of things, there was no stopping him!!

Tissue Team

Ernie was hard at work in the shed today keeping the dust and detritus clear for Peter. Teamed up with Peter they were routing the slots for the tops of the Tissue Box projects for Kids Day Out.

Presidential Surprise

Geoff returned to the shed today and presented us with two purchases from a Men's Shed out west. The duck toy caused a few comments but it was the innocent looking money box that caused the most disruption.
Well there was a Presidential Surprise for Ian that had the shed in stitches.... pity there is no video of that one.
Now if we could just find one that works on five cent pieces for Peter!!

22 October 2010

Shanes trucking

Shane has been working on this truck for some time now.

A much loved piece of craftwork this is for his son. There is enough space on the rear tray to land a helicopter or a small plane. Some of the earlier projects that he has completed.

shed stampede

These wild brumbies were headed for the front gates. Fortunately, they were locked securely and the stampede averted.

Ray has done a brilliant job of progressing the development of this herd.

All will be ready for the livestock auction on 13 November at the Shed Open Day and Baby Expo.

18 October 2010

Wedge work

Howard was out front on the shed forecourt painting the "door wedges". All moving towards having items for sale at the she Open Day on 13 November.

Panel Saw

Ian and Roy were hard at work assembling the "new" panel saw.
Thanks to Michael, and his brother, for bringing the opportunity for The Shed to upgrade this vital piece of shed equipment.

17 October 2010

Members return

Ernie is back at The Shed this morning. He is sporting a walking stick but only needs it for a little balance.
He has been off for three months recovering from his fall. All mended, he was eager to get back to the scraper and do something useful. . . at 90 you can't have idle hands now can you.
Good to see you back on deck !!!
Dave was back from his trip this morning as well after enjoying his tour around NSW. Well until he returned home and develop pneumonia. . . ask him about the flight over Lake Eyre.
Weclome back to Ernie and Dave ... .
now where did Bob go .. oh thats right hes off to Vietnam.

11 October 2010

Roy spent some hours slaving over a hot sewing machine and has put "The Entrance Men's Shed" onto the Black Aprons that were used at the BBQ.... all set for the next one so folks will know where those juciy Sausage Sandwiches and Cold Drinks all come from!!

nice modelling job Kim !!

06 October 2010

cluster AGM

Ian was proudly wearing The Entrance Men's Shed logo around the table at the Central Coast Shed Cluster Inc Annual General Meeting.
The Shed was well represented at the meeting with Peter, Kim and Ian. Representatives from all the Central Coast men sheds were present for election of a new committee and an exchange of news and idea about Mens Sheds.

01 October 2010

Terry's Little Houses

Terry took on the job of making up the new batch of money box houses for the Central Coast Kids-in-Need project. The boxes are placed in shops and post offices for kindly customers to donate spare change to the Kids-in-Need charity.
Kids-in-Need raise funds for children and families faced with childhood cancers that face the difficulties of travel from the Central Coast to John Hunter or Royal North Shore Hospitals for treatment.
This is our second order for these money houses Terry has included the popular chimney stack and added door handles to this model.

team Rob Roy

Rob and Roy repaired this Bamboo Towel rack and earned the shed a generous donation.

Well done Team Rob Roy..

another happy customer!!

29 September 2010

morning meetings

Peter and Ian enjoying a quiet coffee after the mornings discussions at Wyong Shire Council.
The early morning meeting was an opportunity for The Entrance Men's Shed to highlight the benefits of the new extensions.

27 September 2010

Bunnings BBQ

The crew from The Entrance Men's Shed were out early this morning setting up for the fundraiser BBQ at Bunnings.
All prepared to make 400 sausage sandwiches Rob was first in to lead the team. Rob has been working for some time to ensure that we had ice and eskies, meat and bread, butter and sauce and all the many other items suggested in the comprehensive instructions from Bunnings.

Many thanks to Rob for his effort leading this project.

Peter did an excellent job ensuring that our finances were in place in preparation for the day, money was handled effectively on the day and an accurate tally was ready at the end of the the day celebrate the fundraising efforts of the team.
Many thanks to all those that cooked and cleaned, handed out drinks, kept the meat cold and the cooked food hot. We had many reports after the day about the professional way the team served customers and the quality of the sausage sandwiches provided.

Elise from Bunnings was on hand early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Her support was important to making the day a success.

Many thanks to Bunnings Tuggerah for this opportunity. The comprehensive instructions, reassurance in the planning and professional support on the day were invaluable to The Entrance Men's Shed for this important fundraising activity.

Even Teddy was there on the day to supervise the operation.

25 September 2010

sketchup view

One of the sketchup views prepared for The Entrance Men's Shed Extensions. This forms part of the proposal to be presented to Wyong Shire Council.
The preferred option incorporates many of the functional requirements for the operation of the shed and Addressing a number of important issues for The Shed.

13 September 2010

generous donation

A generous new donation of tools today included a car load of bench top carpentry equipment.

The Shed are very happy to receive generous donations of equipment from local residents. Many reasons prompt community members to donate to the shed. Most involve considerable commitment from those donating and their special requirments are accommodated where possible. Some equipment wil
l be usd in the local shed. Some will be passed to other sheds in need of new equipment as they set up operation.

Other tools duplicated or in excess of the requirements of the shed can be sold to raise much needed funds for the ongoing operation of the shed.

A craft table also moved into the forecourt of The Entrance Men's Shed. This has proved to be a very versatile addition to the sheds working benchtop area.

While the cars were unloaded Roger and Peter set about cooking up the monthly BBQ for the hungry moving team..... where is Lester ?

06 September 2010

James Constructions

James has two constructions going on at the same time.

The bird shelter, mounted on a post and firmly clamped to the bench, is being painted by Brian.

At the same time, Jim continued on with the 100
th scale model of The Entrance Men's Shed.

He ws carefully adding in the front awning today with glue and clamps.

29 August 2010

This excellent display cabinet is the most recent found object to come to the shed. It needs a bit of tender care but will be an excellent addition to the range of projects undertaken at the shed.

Theres a bit of leadlight repair required for one broken panel. The cabinet was in the shed less than a morning and already stripped back for a renovation!!!

Thanks for the find Bob !!

27 August 2010

Annual General Meeting 2010

The Entrance Men's Shed Inc held the Annual General Meeting at the The Shed 12.30 on 27 August 2010. A new committee was elected (see separate post).

Peter presents the treasurers report.
The meeting was well attended by members and all positions filled. The treasurers report, included audited accounts and finalisation of Form A12 for the Department of Fair Trading. Andrew was thanked for his support preparing the the accounts with Peter.

Bob Ihlein was thanked by the members for his contribution during the last year. During this period he has helped forge a strong team keen to see the shed have a succesful place supporting men's health and central place in the community of The Entrance.

The AGM was followed by a celebration .. around the BBQ.

Congratulations to all members on a successful year and the individual contributions that make The Entrance Men's Shed an important part of the local community.

New Committee 2010


President – Ian Warburton
Vice President – Robin Eschbank
Treasurer – Peter Whitehead
Secretary – Terry Anderson

Committee members

Allan Kember – Life Member
Geoff Dunn – Life Member
Michael Matus – ordinary member
Chris Venn – ordinary member
Peter Collins – ordinary member

Congratulations to the new committee!!

pedal power

Flushed with the success of the "aubergine all- terraine shopping trolley" Andrew was today restoring the pedals on another wheeled vehicle.

After some threading and adjustments to the pedals he was ready to try it out ... but only within the confines of the Centre. ...and carefully monitored by the other pedal power shedder Peter.

Excellent recycling effort Andrew!!!

22 August 2010

utility cupboard

Well Andrew has the last laugh...

we all thought he was building a coffin stretched out between the sawhorses in the centre of the shed.

Purpose built ...
designed for the space ..
highly functional .....
Here a few photos of the end result fitted in place...

......an outdoor utility cupboard. ...

21 August 2010

elvis hair

Fred was mucking about with the guys today showing off the Elvis hair for the party tonight.
Fred likes a bit of a joke with the men at The Entrance Men's Shed but is all business when it comes to getting his projects completed. ... with toolbox... box kite and many other projects under his belt .. hes become a real tradesman down at the shed.

20 August 2010

hanging about

Andrew has made another project at the shed ... this is a clothes line that can be raised and lowered. Easy access for hanging and the ability to raise it out of the way and keep the area clear.

Great space saving idea!!

14 August 2010

Committee Nominations

If you are planning to nominate for the committee of The Entrance Men's Shed Inc don't forget the Committee Nominations close on 20 August 2010.

For further information on the AGM click here.

07 August 2010

trolley cupboard

Chris spent the afternoon helping Fred remodel these shelves into a trolley cupboard.
The Chaps from the Samaritans have taken to wearing aprons to protect their clothing now that they are deeply involved in progressing their projects: gluing, sanding and painting.
Looking very professional now!!

Friday afternoon at the shed

Peter & Mark thoroughly enjoy their afternoons at
The Entrance Men's Shed.
They have produced many a box, kite, toolbox, pencil box, photo, wine rack and CD holder.

28 July 2010

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

personal protection equipment is provided at each fixed machine.
Make sure that you use it .... for your own safety.
Clean earmuffs before and after use.
Wet ones provided.

27 July 2010

table sands up well

Chris C spent a few days sanding back this solid old table.
Chris was planning to stain it up at home away from the ever present dust in The Shed.... when its all ready its for a flat the he is currently furnishing.

The hard work has brought out the beautiful natural grains in the timber so that this will be a welcome addition to any residence.

11 July 2010

Annual General Meeting 2010

Its Annual General Meeting time and to have a strong community organisation we need a strong membership. If you are interested in helping men in The Entrance area then this is the group to join, The Entrance Men's Shed Inc.

It's the end of our financial year 30 June for The Entrance Men's Shed Inc (TEMS). Accordingly the TEMS AGM will be taking place at The Entrance Men's Shed, 15 Battley Avenue on FRiday 27th August 2010 at 12 noon.

Go to the links on this page to get the official notice, agenda and committee nomination forms...