28 February 2010

Shirts and caps

The original supply of "The Entrance Men's Shed" caps is now exhausted. They have proved very popular as have the T-Shirts.

The new stock of T-shirts arrived today with a selection from L - XXL now available.

26 February 2010

Samaritans BBQ

The Samaritans group that joins us most Friday afternoons offered to put on a BBQ as a thank you to the guys at the shed who assist them with their projects.

Broderick here is cleaning up after the event and we even had visitors from as far away as Tamworth and San Remo. Good see you joining in the festivities Richard and Doug.

Thanks to the Samaritans for lunch!!


Each of the men from Samaritans group are working on individual projects during their time at The Entrance Men's Shed.

They had chosen a project each, designed the item and purchased materials required at Bunnings.

There is plenty going on on Friday afternoons as they progress these projects, most of which are now nearing completion. With the assistance of the Shedders, these projects have been a learning experience for all involved.

The projects include -
  • bird cage
  • box for a watch
  • wooden box with lid
  • CD rack
  • laminated chopping board with cedar trim
  • pen & pencil box

Well done by all involved!!

Perfect Pete..

Pete has been working with Peter to make this box. Not only will it store Petes pencils and pens but it has divider inside to keep them separate.

The slotted slide top was a challenge at the time without the router operational but Peter met the challenge.

In case you cant read the writing that Pete has put on the top, it says - Perfect Pete..

Good one Pete!!

23 February 2010

Sofa gone

The well loved sofa was relegated to the rear of the shed during the Official Opening. Poor thing had been round there in the weather ever since.
When brought to the attention of Chris and Alby they decided it was time for a little deconstruction. So with heavy hammers and the chance to let out a bit of agression the sofa was demolished in short order and disposed of with due care.
Thanks for the tidy up !!!

19 February 2010

school sales

Some of the items that Rob is getting ready for The Entrance Public School to sell at this Mother's Day stall.

There is a steady stream of orders coming in now for project that support the local community around The Entrance.

16 February 2010

rear wall in order

The board rack is now filled with material and functioning brilliantly, both the have the materials off the floor of the shed and providing ready access to materials.

Well done all those working on the project especially to Andrew and Ian.

Consequently there a few other projects proceeding along the rear wall of the shed as well.

Chris has been hard at work setting out the tools in intricate ordered and symmetricaly ascetic patterns.

At the same time a brand new set of shelves is taking shape behind the lathe area. Woodturner's Haven I think the sign said.

Door Wedges

Andrew needed door wedges to keep the doors of The Entrance Community Centre from slamming shut in the wind. Bob whipped up a dozen wedges for the errant doors to be used in the interim.
When the shed is a little more sorted out we will produce something a little more deocrative.
Functional and fast. . . no mucking about at The Entrance Mens Shed!!

14 February 2010

Tribute from Chris

Chris's mate Tony James Watterson left a slice of burl at his place for storage. Before he could collect this he passed away.

Chris decided to do a tribute to his mate and brought the slice of burl to the shed and sanded it back treated it and made it ready for display. He has placed a small plaque on the prepared burl and presented it at the funeral last week.

A fitting tribute to a friend, this will now be incorporated into a memorial to Tony at the property where he lived and was much loved.

Well done Chris !!

09 February 2010

Chris's tool rack

Chris is hard at work setting up the new tool board at the rear of the shed.
When hes finished we will be all ready to work faster with tools in easy reach.
Good work Chris

Boat steps

One shed member has done some restorative work on the steps for a boat.
These three treads were carefully put through the router and the table saw to create the desired shapes.
That is to match the brackets that will hold each step end and the treads to prevent intrepid sailors from tropping.
These have now all been fitted to the vessel.

06 February 2010

Sharp drills

Darrol hadn't been in the shed for more than a day when he discovered that many of the donated drills were ... well let's say.... less than sharp. Darrol volunteered to sharpen them and found a niche in shed life straight away.

With many donated drills it might take a while to see them all sharpened.

Thanks for the effort Darrol !!

Top down

While Andrew and Terry were up on top of the restroom finding some additional storage space, Andrew snapped a photo of the shed from the eagles eyrie.

The Entrance Men's Shed certainly looks different from that angle.

Thanks for the photo Andrew and all the hard work that you are doing to reorganise the shed!!

02 February 2010

Monthly Mens BBQ

Lester & Pelican Peter help cook the sausages. With a BBQ on the first monday of each month theres plenty of cooking to do at the shed.

Lester & Pelican Pete
Come on down and enjoy a bite with boys at the shed.
Chris & Bob enjoying lunch
The Entrance Mens Shed
Monthly Bar-B-Que
12 noon
1 st Monday of the Month
15 Battley Ave
The Entrance NSW

Daves folding table

Dave came up with a innovative design for a small folding table for the caravan. There have been a few design changes along the way to improve the functionality of this project.

Dave finished it today and you can see him here with the table as it would be deployed. Shortly after this he fitted the table to the caravan is now keen to travel about to test it in the field.

Well done Dave !!