15 October 2013

Scott Levi from 92.5 ABC Central Coast conducted an outside broadcast at The Entrance Men's Shed 11am Monday the 14th October 2013. Scott interviewed a number of the Members of the Shed plus John and Roy from the Central Coast outreach centre.

01 October 2013

Happy 70th Birthday Geoff Dunn 2nd October 2013 from the members of The Entrance Men's Shed inc.

Geoff arrived at the shed this morning and was greeted by  Shannon Maclean  from MAJARRA mobile massage, being Geoff's birthday we let him have first massage.

Shannon is volunteering her services to The Entrance Men's Shed one morning per month to give us a neck and shoulders massage. We appreciate this very much.

Also thank you to Doreen, Michael W's wife, for making the cake.