29 August 2010

This excellent display cabinet is the most recent found object to come to the shed. It needs a bit of tender care but will be an excellent addition to the range of projects undertaken at the shed.

Theres a bit of leadlight repair required for one broken panel. The cabinet was in the shed less than a morning and already stripped back for a renovation!!!

Thanks for the find Bob !!

27 August 2010

Annual General Meeting 2010

The Entrance Men's Shed Inc held the Annual General Meeting at the The Shed 12.30 on 27 August 2010. A new committee was elected (see separate post).

Peter presents the treasurers report.
The meeting was well attended by members and all positions filled. The treasurers report, included audited accounts and finalisation of Form A12 for the Department of Fair Trading. Andrew was thanked for his support preparing the the accounts with Peter.

Bob Ihlein was thanked by the members for his contribution during the last year. During this period he has helped forge a strong team keen to see the shed have a succesful place supporting men's health and central place in the community of The Entrance.

The AGM was followed by a celebration .. around the BBQ.

Congratulations to all members on a successful year and the individual contributions that make The Entrance Men's Shed an important part of the local community.

New Committee 2010


President – Ian Warburton
Vice President – Robin Eschbank
Treasurer – Peter Whitehead
Secretary – Terry Anderson

Committee members

Allan Kember – Life Member
Geoff Dunn – Life Member
Michael Matus – ordinary member
Chris Venn – ordinary member
Peter Collins – ordinary member

Congratulations to the new committee!!

pedal power

Flushed with the success of the "aubergine all- terraine shopping trolley" Andrew was today restoring the pedals on another wheeled vehicle.

After some threading and adjustments to the pedals he was ready to try it out ... but only within the confines of the Centre. ...and carefully monitored by the other pedal power shedder Peter.

Excellent recycling effort Andrew!!!

22 August 2010

utility cupboard

Well Andrew has the last laugh...

we all thought he was building a coffin stretched out between the sawhorses in the centre of the shed.

Purpose built ...
designed for the space ..
highly functional .....
Here a few photos of the end result fitted in place...

......an outdoor utility cupboard. ...

21 August 2010

elvis hair

Fred was mucking about with the guys today showing off the Elvis hair for the party tonight.
Fred likes a bit of a joke with the men at The Entrance Men's Shed but is all business when it comes to getting his projects completed. ... with toolbox... box kite and many other projects under his belt .. hes become a real tradesman down at the shed.

20 August 2010

hanging about

Andrew has made another project at the shed ... this is a clothes line that can be raised and lowered. Easy access for hanging and the ability to raise it out of the way and keep the area clear.

Great space saving idea!!

14 August 2010

Committee Nominations

If you are planning to nominate for the committee of The Entrance Men's Shed Inc don't forget the Committee Nominations close on 20 August 2010.

For further information on the AGM click here.

07 August 2010

trolley cupboard

Chris spent the afternoon helping Fred remodel these shelves into a trolley cupboard.
The Chaps from the Samaritans have taken to wearing aprons to protect their clothing now that they are deeply involved in progressing their projects: gluing, sanding and painting.
Looking very professional now!!

Friday afternoon at the shed

Peter & Mark thoroughly enjoy their afternoons at
The Entrance Men's Shed.
They have produced many a box, kite, toolbox, pencil box, photo, wine rack and CD holder.