31 March 2009

TEMS in Landscape

The Entrance Neighbourhood Centre precinct is nearing completion with the finalising of landscaping, pathways and gardens. Certainly the newly finished Shed complete with awning is now looking like part of the area.

Since the visit with Wyong Shire Council at the start of this month, the shed now has a driveway, fence and new awning at the front.

All ready for use, the contractors are using the shed for materials storage during the completion of landscaping so its already functioning as a shed, albeit until the official handover.

Pathways and fences, all now completed have integrated the Shed building into the site all ready for an opening in the near future.

02 March 2009

First Entry

Julie Vaughn, Community Development Manager for Wyong Shire Council invited The Entrance Men's Shed committee to view the current progress on the shed.

The Committee was delighted to have this opportunity for first entry to the shed. Chairman Geoff led the contingent of John Sharples, Alan Kember, Col Kennedy, Kim Hopkins and John Roberts through the construction zone to the front of the shed.

Good to get the feel of the size and location in the overall project. The shed is pretty much complete inside. Still waiting on the awning that is dependent on the laying of surface outside, in front of the shed that will manage the run off from the Neighbourhood Centre precinct. Then there will be the fence and gates to complete "the Shed".

Planned date for access to the site to begin operation is the end of April 2009.

01 March 2009

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