11 June 2010

Michaels masterpiece

Michael has been working on this coffee table for some time.

He has made laminated legs with decorative circular holes. He has installed a sliding tray beneath the lower shelf and will install a glass top when the carpentry components are all complete.

Micheal would have been much further along if one leg hadn't met the floor with a crash.

Its a solid and beautiful piece of carpentry an asset to any living room.

10 June 2010

Boomerang designs

George came to the The Entrance Men's Shed in his professional capacity in support of men facing difficulties in family relationships.

George was excited on seeing the output of the Boomerang Project for the Wyoming Public School. He offered to take some boomerangs and paint some traditional designs as examples for the event in NAIDOC week.

Seen here are the designs that George has provided for this educational opporunity raising awareness of traditional culture in the local community.

07 June 2010

Fancy Phone accessory

Greg has done a few projects at the shed and this is a small angled shelf to hold the mobile phone.

Not only does this hold the phone in place and provide a nominal position to locate it when required, this shelf also angles the face of any phone so that the keys and display can be seen easily when in use. The shelf is also large enough to accomodate a notepad, every convenience.